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Better House Ltd. is a stable and growing company that is located in the of Bugojno , Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The company deals with textile production of quilt and pillow cases of various dimension.

Our products are of high qualty and we export them to Turkey and the Middle East countries in capacity of 20 to 40 HC containers.

We possess all the most sophisticated machines for this type of production and processing of textil products of various size and dimensions with aspiration and interest that our products possess a high rate of quality on the market.

All of the final products are immediatley prepared for packing and shipping to domestic and foreign markets.

Wich is not our ultimate goal, and we are planning for 2018 year to significantly increase our production capacities as well as expanding to the markets of more countries. With our current equipments and machines we can produce quilt and pillow cases according to the customers (buyers) wishes up to a maximum dimension of 3m = 120 inches. After the customers (buyers) inform us about the dimension and materials to be used for their final product, we are determining reasounable and final price of the product.