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Saten - Microfiber Fabrics

Satin/Sateen fabric is also said to be the most elegant fabrics. The reason behind is its astonishing looks and smooth surface. Satin fabric is used in a variety of apparels like a blouse, panties, gowns, and many other kinds of clothing. Satin fabric is used for bed sheets, curtains, and decorative purposes. The glossiness of the satin fabric really makes the material high class. At top of that, satin fabric is availed in multifarious colour options like black, red, green, purple, blue and etc.

Satin fabric is generally composed of silk or rayon and that is why it is so smooth. Also, satin is very light and delicate and are manufactured with a great deal of care and attention. Satin fabrics need a fine set up of manufacturing and processing unit as each and every strand of the satin fabric must be well knitted.



  1. Composition: T/C=55/45
  2. Width : 150-330cm
  3. Weight: 65-110 gsm
  4. Spec: 100Dx30S/110x76 
  5. Handlooms: within 1 week
  6. Delivery time: 20-30 days after deposit
  7. Package: poly rolls or as per customer requirement
  8. Inspection: accept full inspection